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Whether you're a residential client or a commercial one, if you've suffered from a break-in you don't want to leave your property vulnerable. The most common method we see used for break-ins is forced entry – where a physical attack is made on a door. At Legal Locksmith, serving customers throughout Manitoba, we offer emergency repairs to quickly fix break-in damage to doors, frames and windows so that your home or building can be re-secured.

Our range of burglary repair and emergency locksmith services include:

  • Door and window frame repairs

  • Steel reinforcements to strengthen entryways

  • Door and window temporary replacements

  • Replacement of damaged locks and door hardware

  • Emergency re-keying

Break-In Repairs, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

We can offer advice on security enhancements to prevent a break-in from happening again. We can improve the physical security inside and out utilizing Lumber core and steel reinforced security doors that offer a higher security value. We also employ a highly skilled electronics division to install access control, camera and complete security systems to create a complete security package for you.

Door & Frame Repairs

Whether your entry has been damaged by a break-in, or is degraded as a result of age or heavy use, you can often save the expense of replacing a door and frame by seeking repairs. You’ll be surprised how much this can save!

We can repair:

  • Damaged / misaligned doors that won’t completely close

  • Latching difficulties

  • Rattling and misaligned latch bolts

  • Warped frames or doors

  • Sticking doors

  • Cracked doors or frames

  • Paint build up around moving parts

Foil Break-in Attempts Before They Happen!

There are a number of ways to thwart physical attacks on your property. We can install a diverse range of available or custom-fabricated steel latch protectors for doors, frames and windows, securing your exterior or sensitive interior sections of your home or business. See our Physical Security page for more details.

If you're in need of any of these services, or if you'd like to learn more, we invite you to please contact us today.

Physical Security

Improve the strength of security at your property.

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