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Ensure the Physical Security of Your Home, Business & Valuables

The team at Legal Locksmith, serving clients throughout Manitoba, believes in the importance of ensuring the physical security of your home or business. Protecting your family, employees, tenants, physical assets and personal property at your home and business has grown increasingly more challenging over the last number of years. The lowest cost method to improve security is to strengthen the foundation of your current system with good physical security. Keep in mind that many products being sold in the market these days are focused on convenience and not security.

Physical Security, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

Dead Bolts

The first step to increase your security is to make sure there’s a deadbolt. There are still those out there who are locking their doors with only a doorknob. A knob set alone can be defeated in seconds. A properly installed bolt provides far superior strength and security.

Physical Security, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

Peep Holes

Don’t open your door to unwanted “guests”. Installing a peep hole allows you to screen visitors from safely behind your door. Install a peephole in all entry doors so you can see who is outside without opening the door. Door chains break easily and don't keep out intruders.

Physical Security, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

Door Wraps

Quickly and inexpensively increase the security of your door against forced entry. These fairly inexpensive wraparound plates made from steel work GREAT!!! They wrap around the door where the deadbolt installs and prevent the door from cracking or splitting under extreme pressure. These wraps prevent the bolt from pushing through the door if a kick-in is attempted.

Physical Security, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

Security Strikes

The standard door frame is often the weakest link in home security. In modern home construction, the deadbolt latches into a 2” strike plate. Minimal force is required to split that 1″ thick piece of soft pine behind the strike, causing the door frame to fail and allow entry. We recommend replacing the standard 2“ strike plate with a security strike (minimum of 8 inches) and fasten that strike plate with 3“ screws that can reach the studs behind the door frame. This will dramatically strengthen the entryway.

Physical Security, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

High Security Locks

All locks are NOT created equal! Deadbolts may look similar, but looks can be deceiving. The design, “grade”, quality and performance of a deadbolt can drastically vary, affecting the security of the site you are trying to protect. High security starts with key control. If a key can be copied just down the street, then someone doesn’t need to break down your door to get in.

Physical Security, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

Astragals/Latch Guards

These prevent access to the latch. A common way thieves bypass locks is to spread the door away from the frame, circumventing the lock. Latch guards come in many lengths and can protect that gap between door and frame just around the lock, or completely from the top to the bottom of the door.

Physical Security, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

Window Bars/Security Grilles/Shutters

Physically keep potential intruders out of your space. Window bars, grilles and shutters all have different purposes and properties, but primarily they will keep people out. Maintain maximum visibility while adding the strength of steel to discourage even the most determined thieves.

Physical Security, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith


Protect your valuables from Intruders, fire or prying eyes. Whether for a home or business, a safe can protect your valuables from getting into the wrong hands. It is critical to take into account what you are protecting, and who you are protecting it from, before a safe is purchased. Everyone has different requirements of their safe, and with such a vast array of available features and benefits to consider, we can custom match a safe to your needs.

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