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A growing trend in the market is the wide selection of keyless door locks that provide convenience and security without the hassle of keys. The influx of these devices includes keyless deadbolts, 100% mechanical pushbutton locks, electronic keypad locks, locks with a biometric reader incorporated into the device and full keyless entry lock systems. There are many excellent quality locks that provide the convenience of not requiring a key, but there are far more locks being pushed onto the market where the quality of the design is poor, the strength of the lock is weak or the lock has been designed and tested in markets that have never seen -40 C temperatures.

Just because you are able to open a lock with your smart phone, a fingerprint or a code does not make it a secure lock. It is a wonderful convenience, but be careful not to rate that convenience over your safety and security. Many of these locks have been rushed to market and have little to no track record or history. Too often, we are called out to deal with the “newest innovation in locks” two years down the road, when the product has failed or has not prevented a break and enter from happening.

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There are many tried, tested and true keyless locks that provide convenience as well as reliability. For our residential and commercial customers, we can make a recommendation that will cover both. Legal Locksmith can provide advice and install the best keyless locks in Winnipeg.

In Winnipeg, Keyless Locks Provide Additional Security

Keyless locks give you security in ways you may not have thought of, as well as the convenience and flexibility of not having to carry (and possibly lose) your keys. When keys are out of your possession – with contractors, cleaners, neighbours, on your desk, under a mat, hanging on a hook – they can be taken, copied and returned, and you would be none the wiser. Imagine how many copies of your home or office keys could be floating out there! The people that lived in your house before you, people that you gave your keys to over the years, ex-employees, and even friends and family that you don’t see any more are all examples of unaccounted keys that may have been copied. Keyless locks limit your exposure to unauthorized entry from those with a duplicate key. Contact the experts of Legal Locksmith in Winnipeg for keyless locks on your home or business.


In a commercial setting, company owners and those in charge of access can now add, change or delete employees’ credentials right at the lock or via computer. A system can be set up where you can set lock and unlock time schedules so you don’t have to make your nightly rounds ensuring each door is secured and locked.

In addition to many keyless locks available on the market at mass retailers that provide a limited level of security, there are many better quality devices that can handle high traffic or normal residential use. Let us help you find the right products, and create the ideal keyless access control system for you.

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