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High security locks are quite different from those sold through most retail stores. They provide better physical protection and, in most cases, provide ways to keep others from making copies of your keys without your permission.

There are many high security locks available, made by manufacturers from all around the world. Medeco® M3, Abloy, Primus, Schlage® Everest, Sargent Keso, Mul-T-Lock® and ASSA® are all various brands of high security locks that are designed to thwart and protect against the most common attacks levelled against locks. These include use of unauthorized keys, physical attack, bumping, picking and drilling.

No product (or lock) is perfect, and almost certainly all lock designs can be compromised in some way, at some point in time. Legal Locksmith sells products we stand behind, have tested, worked extensively with and truly believe in. We would never label a lock as pick-proof or manipulation-proof, even though some manufacturers (or other security providers) may choose to do so. Although the products we carry and recommend may not have any known vulnerabilities, nor are they able to be picked by experts in the field, we don’t want to claim they are “undefeatable.” We are confident, however, that they are far and away more secure than any product you can get in the retail market.

Based on its warranty, physical strength, outstanding key control and unique patented technology built to defend against bumping, picking, drilling and unauthorized manipulation, we have chosen the Medeco® product line as our main high security lock choice. We supply and sell several brands of high security products and can usually source the rest, but Medeco® offers extreme force and pick resistance, along with extreme durability across their entire product range, giving the end user the greatest quality, flexibility and value on the market.

Features include:

  • Patent protected keys

  • UL437 rated

  • Duplication of keys restricted to authorized individuals

  • Exceptional resistance to physical attack (such as drilling, pulling, prying, wrenching or kicking)

  • Complete range of available lock types

  • Excellent master keying capacity and flexibility

  • Thicker key for added durability

When dealing with home or commercial security, the physical lock you buy is only part of the equation. Locks are only as secure as the door and building on which they are mounted. Cheap, hollow wood doors that can easily be kicked open or broken through will not be strengthened substantially with the simple addition of a high security lock. See our Doors & Frames or Physical Security pages for more info.

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