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The effective use of electronic security can help drive down business costs by preventing shrinkage and losses, and can qualify you for available insurance discounts. Implementing a comprehensive security solution can protect your family, employees, tenants, physical assets and personal property at your home and business. Your best security solution is combining excellent physical security with intrusion and monitoring services, including burglar, video and access management systems. To add even more security to your home or business in Winnipeg, intercom systems can be installed. If you'd like to learn more about how electronic security systems can keep you safe, or if you're ready to get started, contact us today.

Camera Systems (CCTV / IP Video)

Keep watch over your property. Secure your premises with a high-tech camera system from Legal Locksmith, serving clients across Manitoba. If you're concerned about the safety of your home or business, a camera system can be the ideal way to keep an eye on your property 24/7. Video surveillance systems use strategically placed cameras, DVRs and monitors to provide visual records of activities in and around the premises to enhance the safety of individuals and guard against loss, false claims and criminal activity.

However, not all camera systems are created equal! DVR and camera quality can vary dramatically, from whole systems with 6 cameras available at box stores for $250 to individual cameras, each worth many thousands of dollars on their own. Capturing an event on camera and ending up with a blurry, pixelated security video without the necessary resolution to identify a culprit is far too common. Choosing the correct lens and the proper camera positions is one of the most important decisions while designing a CCTV system. Cameras have the capability of recording at very high resolution, yielding exceptional detail in recorded imagery if the right product and position are used. With the proper setup, live video and recordings can be accessed and viewed from any computer or mobile device connected to the network, anywhere in the world.

Alarm Systems

Be notified when there are unwanted “guests”. Alarm systems are designed to give early warning of unwanted entry and other potentially damaging or dangerous events. Systems can monitor for security breaches utilizing door contacts, motion and glass break sensors, and other devices. Protect people, assets and facilities by monitoring for smoke, fire, the presence of moisture, high or low water level, temperature variations and more.

“Hire an Invisible Manager”. In addition to notifying you of on-site trouble, your system can be set up to notify you if staff is late to arrive, have forgotten to lock the doors, or if a staff member opens up and shuts off the alarm at an unauthorized entry time. Compounds and storage yards are often a major problem for businesses to secure reliably and efficiently. We can provide outdoor perimeter protection that is effective when installed and where detection can be achieved before an intruder reaches valuables or buildings.

Alarm Systems, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

Winnipeg Intercom Systems

Allow access to your building or see who is waiting outside the door.Available commercially and residentially, intercom systems control resident and visitor traffic. Intercoms are generally mounted permanently on buildings and can incorporate connections to land lines or cell phones, and can also control door latches to open exterior or lobby doors.

Intercoms can also incorporate video images so you can see who is at the door. Some include the option for call forwarding so the intercom can instantly connect your front door station to your cell phone or a secondary location without your visitor ever knowing. You can answer your home door bell and see who is standing at the door, all while relaxing in a lounger on a Mexican beach. Contact Legal Locksmith for intercom systems in Winnipeg.

Intercom Systems, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith

Access Control Systems

Control when and where individuals have Access into or within your facility. Access control is a means of granting or restricting access to those users or employees who are authorized to have access to your premises. In simplest terms, it consists of computerized controllers and electronic locks. But instead of providing your users or staff with keys, they are provided with “credentials”, which are usually cards or FOBs that take the place of a key. You can then program individual access credentials to manage permission for authorized personnel, assigning access based on security levels, time and location. One of the biggest advantages of an electronic access control system is the ability to document and report access activity.

Access Control Systems, Safes Winnipeg, Winnipeg Locksmith


Keep your possessions safe at home or at the office.

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